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Banaxi cooperates with biggest manufacturers of smart TVs, set top boxes, smart phones and tablets. Among our strategic partners belong technology companies, films studios and development companies. Due to nature of the technological structure of Banaxi VoD services, they can be easily added to the portfolio of services of operators (IPTV, mobile, cable and satellite TV, etc.), retail chains, hotels, hardware manufacturers and practically any company willing to offer high quality VoD services to its customers on all technological platforms.

Banaxi's other services include: Digital media processing - Banaxi offers all inclusive digital media processing including transcoding into desired specs, metadata processing, audio tracks and subtitles processing.

Digital storage and data delivery: Banaxi takes care of the digitally processed video content on its secured data storage as well as following data distribution back to the video distributors or their VoD partners.

Marketing in partners' video on demand services: Banaxi also takes care of distributors' content marketing through its partners' video on demand services in several Central and Eastern European territories with a potential worldwide too.

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