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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register?

  • TV – Banaxi application - > Settings -> Register ->E-mail, Password, Register
  • Website – upper right corner -> Sign up -> E-mail, Password, Password, Register

Sign in by a registered user

  • Website – –> upper right corner –> Sign in –> User – E-mail, Password, Sign in

Password reset

  • Website, TV – > upper right corner – > Sign in – > Lost password – Password reset

How can I top up my account?

  • Website – > My account – > Credit recharge – > Pay by Skrill – choose desired amount – Recharge credit

Voucher activation

  • Website – > My account – > Vouchers/Benefits – > Voucher code – Activate voucher
  • TV – > Settings –> Voucher activation – Activate voucher

Where can I change my password?

  • Website – > My account – > Settings – Change my password

I can’t playback my movies.

  • Insufficient speed of internet connection – recommended connection speed 4 Mbps for SD, 5 Mbps for HD and 3D, 17 Mbps for UHD
  • Missing software player – Silverlight
  • Recommended browsers – Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera
  • Your TV or other connected device doesn’t support Banaxi application

Where can I purchase and playback movies?

  • Website –
  • TV – Smart TV – Banaxi applications – available currently on: Loewe -
  • Preparing applications for Android, iOS and Windows 8

What are the prices of films?

  • SD – 24hr license / €3.00
  • HD/3D – 24hr license / €5.00
  • Prices per individual films are all fees and taxes included
  • The service is provided by Banaxi Limited in Cyprus (relevant fees and taxes contribution in Cyprus)

How long can I rent a movie for?

  • Movies’ license is for 24hrs

What language are the movies in?

  • English – original language combined with subtitles in: Polish, Hungarian and Serbian

Which territories is Banaxi available in?

  • Poland, Hungary and Serbia

What is Subscription service?

  • It is a package subscription for a monthly fee with content of dozens of films or TV series. Banaxi offers Banaxi Kids package and prepares Banaxi Go. The part of the content is updated monthly.

How can I activate my package?

  • Website - – a monthly payment will be processed using a recurrent payment. Banaxi services payments don’t need to be watched by user. Recurrent payment can be cancelled easily.

What is a World Cinema?

  • Worldwide original versions movies from various countries.

What is Banaxi TV?

  • Banaxi Limited is an operator of TV channels online streaming: Banaxi Kids, Banaxi TV. We are preparing hundreds of local and worldwide TV channels distribution. Banaxi will become a global TV operator.

How can I pay for Banaxi TV?

Where can I watch Banaxi TV

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